testimonials_hamiltons_logo_50x50You guys are awesome!

Georgia Read ~ Owner of Hamilton’s Restaurant in Brooklyn


testimonials_hamiltons_logo_50x50Both of you seem to have that rare ability to just get it. It’s often very difficult to articulate design aesthetics and branding aspirations. It is such a pleasure to work with you guys because you anticipate and intuit our ideas without us having to over explain. You seem to have a kind of meta-understanding.

Kevin Read ~ Owner of Alchemy Restaurant in Brooklyn


testimonials_witchs_logo_50x50This project would not have happened if it wasn’t for the serious hard work and dedication of Yana Farrally-Plourde.
Yana is an amazing designer and visionary himself, he and I can get into serious trouble when working on projects together! This is by far the biggest we have gone since launching Witch’s Rock Surf Camp 11 years ago.

Joe Walsh ~ Owner Witch’s Rock Surf Camp and Volcano Brewing Company


testimonials_gamesforhealth_logo_50x50For the past eight years, starting in 2005, Ateso Marketing has helped Digital Mill develop and manage the branding, marketing and collateral for our Annual Games for Health Videogame Conferences.

Ateso created a cohesive but flexible brand identity for Games for Health which has served us well over the past eight seasons; providing brand continuity while allowing for different color schemes and elements to distinguish each conference year by year.

Elaine and Yana have been insightful, organized, and professional, whether managing longer-lead projects, or responding quickly to our last minute requests. Their proactive approach and clear communication has been consistent, whether they were based in Maine, Costa Rica, or now in California. I would recommend Ateso for marketing and project management, no matter where your business is located.

Bethany Bryant ~ Digital Mill ~ Games for Health


testimonials_bulletinbag_logo_50x50I have a great deal of respect for Yana — he is a highly skilled marketer who consistently produces imaginative and inspiring visual and written work.

Yana was one of the first calls I made when I launched my second business. His entrepreneurial perspective and creativity gave me clear direction early on in my project, allowing me to move quickly in establishing my business. Yana listened to my plans, instantly grasped the ‘big picture’ and created a look that was far better than I had hoped for — and all this within a ridiculous timeframe. Time and time again I have been impressed by his ability to take a big idea and quickly boil it down to simple, clear and effective copy and images.

Yana is dependable, consistent and a real pleasure to work with. I feel lucky to have Yana on my team and I strongly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an innovative marketer.

Suzette Bergeron ~ Owner at Bulletin Bottle [.com]


testimonials_wendy_logo_50x50Elaine Farrally-Plourde is one of the most efficient, technically skilled and well versed master of the complicated task of web design and coding. She has the innate ability to understand what the clients specific needs are and can create the best possible result that is unique and effective for them. She’s consistently reliable in problem solving and extremely resourceful. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone interested in creating the perfect and affordable website. Seriously, Elaine ROCKS!!!!

Wendy Hope ~ Wendy Hope Photography


testimonials_arc_logo_50x50They don’t have a category that describes what Yana does. He has helped me from business idea embryo, business model, and product placement to
income stream. If you have a going concern or are thinking of starting a business and need help with identity or even distilling exactly what it is your business does or will do….
I highly recommend Yana, and Ateso Design.

George Burke ~ Owner/Principal Broker at ARC Consulting


testimonials_secondstreet_logo_50x50Elaine and Yana delivered for me. When I required a prompt, concise, elegant website for my consulting business, Elaine and Yana delivered on-time and on-budget.
They have offered unsolicited advice and service in the year(s) since for which I am extremely grateful. I recommend them highly.

Nathaniel “Sandy” Paige ~ Director, Business Development & Distributor Relations at The Jackson Laboratory


testimonials_lobstershack_logo_50x50We started working with Elaine and Ateso Marketing in 2004, because we needed fresh branding, marketing, and media strategy that honored our traditions while setting us up for the future. The Lobster Shack at Two Lights is a landmark family owned Maine restaurant, opened in 1969, and we are famous for our fresh local seafood and spectacular waterfront location.

Ateso redesigned our logo, website, menus, and print, radio, and television advertising. The initial branding efforts have served us well, the redesigns made our branding recognizable in a way it had not been in the past, and effectively illustrated the dining experience that we offer our visitors. Elaine helped us navigate our marketing options to identify the modes of advertising that are most effective in reaching our long-standing customers as well introducing ourselves to potential new visitors.

Their work also helped shape our spending into a more effective advertising budget that has brought us increased patronage each successive season. Elaine is reliable, conscientious, and efficiently manages an integral part of our business with minimal input from me, which has been ideal, as I have my hands full with operations.

It remains a pleasure working with Elaine and Ateso, and I would recommend them to any business looking for initial creative work followed by ongoing management or marketing projects.

Katie Porch ~ The Lobster Shack at Two Lights